The Kubrick Files Ep. 5 – Where does Stanley Kubrick’s style come from?


I’ve often wondered, why is it that Stanley Kubrick’s visual style seems to stand out as one of cinema’s most interesting eyes for storytelling? Kubrick’s unique style was formed in his photography. Today we are going to take a journey around New York City where much of Kubrick’s photographic work for Look Magazine was captured to see if we can recreate some of his photos. We’ll take a look at some of his photographic techniques that would later help him as a filmmaker and we’ll look at his influences and hear his thoughts on photography in order to better understand how Kubrick became one of the most visual filmmakers in cinema history. Thanks to Sophie for her camerawork and modeling.

This video essay was written, edited, and narrated by Tyler Knudsen.


Kubrick’s Kaleidoscope – Kubrick Exhibition by Alexandra Von Stosch/ Rainer Crone


“Camera Quiz Kid: Stan Kubrick,” The Camera, October 1948

Henri Cartier Bresson – The Decisive Moment:

Kubrick at Look Magazine By Philippe Mather

Weegee Tells How:


Acid Jazz by Kevin MacLeod